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Terms and Conditions

Buyer stands for depositer & Seller stands for withdrawer


  1. Buyer should be aware of the product buying Online.

  2. Crpay will not ask for the product or service details.

  3. Courier service using for shipment shall be suggested by Crpay on the request by the Buyer.

  4. After receiving the summary detail Seller must check Net Payable amount after the Crpay Commission. Only after that shipment/Service should started by the Seller.

  5. After every successful Transaction, The detail registered by the buyer and seller may deleted by  CrPay.

  6. For a transaction Below Rs.5000 /- (Five Thousand Rupees Only) 3.75% Charge will be collected from both Buyer and Seller.

  7. For a transaction Above Rs.5000 /- (Five Thousand Rupees Only) 2.5% Charge will be collected from both Buyer and Seller.

  8. Crpay may not carry responsible for the Service/Shipment provided by the Seller

  9. Seller should take responsibility for the Service/Shipment till it reach the Buyer.

  10. Force Redeem Should be taken as a last option by the Seller, After the Verification done by Crpay Redeemcode or Fund Shall released to the Seller.

    • Buyer not Responding through Mobile, E-Mail. For 2 Days after Service/Shipment Received.

    • Redeemcode Not Received from Buyer.

    • Redeemcode Lost

  11. Crpay will not appoint Third Party to Collect or Pay Cash from Buyer & Seller, The Transaction is only through Crpay Website.

  12. Crpay will not ask for Redeemcode once it Dispersed to Buyer.

  13. Buyer should provide the address proof which carry the address given for the Service/Shipment.

  14. E-Receipt for the amount Deposited will be send to the registered email to the Buyer Within 1 Hour.

  15. Redeem Process Will be finished in 12 Hours form request Started.

  16. There will no confirmation call to the Buyer during withdrawal, Else mentioned in the comments section during deposit.

Cancellation Policy

  1. Order Cancelled by the Seller -100%

  2. Returning the Service/Shipment

    • Product damage during Shipment - 97.5% ( only If Seller can’t replace it)

    • Wrong Service/Shipment Done - 100% (on the confirmation from Seller end)

  3. Changed the Mind or Can’t Receive the Service/Shipment

  • Before Service/Shipment Started - 100%

  • After Service/Shipment Started - 70%

    (Seller Will Receive 17.5% of deposited Amount)

  • Can’t Track the Service/Shipment - 90% (If Crpay also Can’t Track the Service/Shipment)


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